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Birthdate:May 30
Location:United States of America
Yes, I am really an Aunt...of 15, some by relation, some by close friends who have adopted me as their own...

I work too much, and I am mostly here for a nice little distraction, when the on-call phone isn't ringing. I am a director of group homes for adults with developmental disabilities.

I still feel relatively new to this site even though I've been here for almost three years. I am always looking for new friends, so if you see something you like or we have common interests and you friend me, I will probably friend you back.

Be sure to check out spn_bigpretzel,a community that celebrates the Sunnier Side of Supernatural, that I co-mod with the fantastic dizzojay.

Much thanks to goldenusagi for the Gabriel Mood Themes

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andrew peterson, angel, baking, baseball, books by brad metzler, brian vander ark, buffy the vampire slayer, caedamon's call, chuck, criminal minds, firefly, glee, harry potter, himym, how i met your mother, i just love to read in general, joss whedon, lonestar, lost, mcu, meg cabot and well, michael card, ncis, project runway, reading, sara gorver, sara groves, sg-1, sga, st. louis cardinals, star trek, stranger things, supernatural, taking care of my nieces and nephews, ten shekel shirt, the bible, the big bang theory, the monkees, the st. louis cardinals, the walking dead, thewalking dead, top chef, top chefthebig bang theory
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